Updating an Entity

From the UI

Settings Page

You can manage an entity's content from its settings page.

The Settings Page consists of 4 tabs:

Manually Configuring Values

Only fields that have their source set to "Manual" can be manually edited, both through the UI and the public API. Fields with other sources are automatically updated by automation rules.

From the properties tab, hoover over a given metadata, property or relation field for the edition button to become visible. The edition flow varies according to the field's data-type.

Alternatively you can also directly edit the entity descriptor.

Changing the entity directly can sometimes be useful for troubleshooting purposes.

Configuring Automated Value Assignment

ou might want to configure certain fields within your entity to automatically receive and update data from external sources that integrate with Rely through its plugins.

Entities can have sources that automatically update it, these can be:

You can manage the sources available to your entity in the sources tab in the entity settings page, or by directly manipulating the entity descriptor.

Automation Rules declare themselves as an entity's source when they perform updates to it.

From the Public API


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