Overview & Use-Cases


The Home Page in Rely.io is designed to streamline and centralize the daily activities of developers, reducing the need for context switching and inefficiencies associated with navigating multiple tools.

It provides quick access to the most actionable catalogs in Rely, ensuring that developers can efficiently manage their tasks and resources from a single interface.

Use Cases

  • Streamlined Daily Activities: Developers can manage their daily tasks more efficiently by accessing all relevant information and actions from a single interface, reducing the time spent switching between different tools.

  • Quick Access to Actionable Information: With pre-configured tabs like My Services, My Issues, Open Pull Requests, and Assigned Pull Requests, users can quickly find and manage the most critical aspects of their work.

  • Personalized Dashboard: Users can customize their Home Page to reflect their unique workflow and preferences, using features like filtering, grouping, and sorting to organize information in a way that best suits their needs.

  • Enhanced Productivity: By centralizing key activities and providing a tailored experience, the Home Page helps developers focus on their core tasks, improving overall productivity and efficiency.

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