Common Issues When Creating and Updating Entities

Entity IDs

  • Format Requirements: Entity IDs must be in lowercase and should not contain special characters.

  • Immutability: Once an entity ID is created, it cannot be updated. If a change is necessary, the entity must be recreated with the desired ID.

  • Uniqueness: Each entity ID must be unique across all entities within the catalog to prevent identification errors.

Property Values

  • Data Type Compliance: Property values must match the data type specified in the blueprint. The system performs validations on these values to ensure they adhere to the defined type and format arguments in the blueprint.

  • Non-nullable Values: Property values cannot be set to null. If you need to remove a property value, you should delete the entire key-value pair from the entity descriptor.


  • Relation Types: Relations in a blueprint are defined as either 1:1 or 1:many. In the entity descriptor, this is reflected by setting relation values to either a single entity ID or a list of entity IDs.

  • Invalid States: If drastic changes are made to a blueprint (e.g., removing properties or relations that are already utilized in entities), your entity might enter an invalid state. It’s required to update all related entities to align with the new blueprint structure to maintain system integrity.

If you need to propagate changes to several entities in you software catalog, feel free to leverage the python script provided bellow.

Common Issues When Creating and Updating Blueprints

Blueprint IDs

  • Format Requirements: Blueprint IDs must be lowercase and devoid of special characters to maintain system consistency.

  • Immutability: Blueprint IDs cannot be updated after creation. To modify an ID, a new blueprint must be created with the correct ID, and the old blueprint must be deprecated.

  • Uniqueness: Each blueprint ID must be unique across all blueprints to ensure accurate references and dependencies within the catalog.

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