Catalogs are table views that allow to easily track and explore information about your entities. Each blueprint has dedicated catalog that lists all entities of that type (e.g. the service catalog, the resource catalog, etc).

You can access each individual catalog through the side panel entry in the Software Catalog, which is a term referring to the collection of all your catalogs.

You can tailor your Software Catalog to your specific needs by pinning or hiding blueprints in the sidebar, allowing for quick access to frequently used catalogs and minimising clutter.

In each catalog, columns can represent a metadata field, a property, or a relationship defined in the blueprint and thus common to all the entities listed.

Catalogs offer customisation options to enhance your navigation and data management experience. You can:

  • Choose which columns to display

  • Re-order columns

  • Group entities by one or more specific fields

  • Sort data by any field

  • Apply text filters

You can save your view configurations so they become the new standard for a specific catalog to all users within your organisation.

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