What is Rely?

What is Rely

Welcome to Rely! 👋

Internal developer portals are crucial for modern engineering teams, requiring a richly detailed software catalog along with maturity and quality scorecards. Additionally, they should enable a host of developer self-service options.

Rely offers all of this and more, going beyond these necessities to offer real-time, automated insights into your services and user journeys landscape, ensuring that their health, quality, and operational maturity are always up-to-date.

Software Catalog: A Unified Hub for your Tech Stack

Your engineering stack is complex, but managing it doesn't have to be. Rely's Product Catalog centralizes information on service ownership, dependencies, documentation, deployments, on-call schedules, SLOs, operational maturity, and much more. This helps you reduce tool sprawl and keep everything up-to-date effortlessly. Furthermore it allows you to map technical entities to business entities like user journeys, allowing for engineers and non-technical stakeholders to meet on common ground and coordinate in a way that both can understand.

Scorecards & Leaderboards: Gamify Best Practices

Level up your organizational standards with Rely's Scorecards and Leaderboards. Promote best practices like production readiness, DORA metrics, and observability by gamifying their adoption across teams. No need to manually check multiple tools; Rely integrates seamlessly with your existing stack.

Product Health & Service Status Pages: Real-time Transparency

Forget about the oversimplified 'up' or 'down' statuses. With Rely's detailed, SLO-driven status pages, your teams can react swiftly, and your customers stay informed with actionable information about the health of specific user journeys and services.

Service Reliability Management: Quality You Can Measure

Standardize your service level objectives (SLOs) across various teams and services with Rely's automated SLI templates. Monitor, alert, and act upon the quality and reliability metrics that truly matter.

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