Home Pages

The Home Page is designed to streamline and centralize the daily activities of developers, reducing the need for context switching and the inefficiency of navigating multiple tools. It offers quick access to the most actionable catalogs in Rely.

While each user can configure their own tabs, the Home Page include the following tabs out-of-the-box:

  • My Services: Sub-set of the service catalog focused on the services related to the current user.

  • My Issues: Lists issues assigned to the user (populated by project management plugins).

  • Open Pull Requests: Lists open pull/merge requests opened by the current user that are under review (populated by git provider plugins).

  • Assigned Pull Requests: Lists open pull/merge requests to which the current user is assigned for review in (populated by git provider plugins).

Unlike standard catalog pages, any customisations applied to catalogs on your Home Page are unique to your user profile. For these customisations, you can utilize all standard data manipulation features common across Rely catalogs, such as filtering, grouping, and sorting.

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