Create a reliability report

Creating a reliabilty report is a simple process requiring only two simple steps: setting up your reporting view hierarchy and specifiying a reporting period and frequency. To start creating a reporting view, click the Create/Open Report button at the top right corner of the Reliability Insights page.

Creating a reporting view hierarchy

The first thing you must define is the main group of the reporting hierarchy. You are then able to add sub-groups that will further group SLOs into different subsets within each level of the reporting hierarchy. Each sub-group only groups the SLOs contained within the group right above it in the hierarchy. Sub-groups can only be added after the main group is defined. Irregardless of how many subgroups you have defined, the last level of the hierarchy are always the SLOs themselves.
To do this, click the Edit Groups and Hierarchy selector in the page's toolbar. This opens a side panel from where you can add and define new groups for your reporting hierarchy, or edit and remove already existing one.
Reporting view hierarchy editor
From this side panel, you can also rearrange the order of each group in the hierarchy in order to create different hierarchical views with the same groups. Changing the order of the groups in the reporting hierarchy triggers the Reliabilty Insights page to instantly recalculate all groups according to the updated hierarchy.

Defining a reporting period and reporting frequency

After you're satisfied with your reporting view hierarchy, it's time to define the reporting period and frequency. Start by specifying your reporting period.
From the page's toolbar, click Report Period & Frequency > Report Period. This will prompt a modal to appear from where you can select the time frame that you want your report to cover. You can either select from one of the already available options, or define a custom reporting period. If chose to the latter approach, chose the Custom option at the bottom of the list. This will display a calendar from where you can chose a specific start and end date for your report.
Reporting period selector modal
After defining your reporting period, click Report Period & Frequency > Report Frequency to define the reporting frequency. Chose any of the available options from the dropdown selector.
Good to know: the options available in the reporting frequency dropdown depend on your reporting period.
For example, daily reporting frequency will not be available for reporting periods greater than 30 days and hourly reporting frequencies will not be available for periods greater than 2 days.