Installation Guide

To get started with the Nobl9 integration, follow the steps below.

1. Generate an Access Key

Before you can connect to Nobl9, you need to generate the required Access Key credentials. The following guide was based on the official documentation provided by Nobl9.

  1. Log in to Nobl9 UI.

  2. Go to Settings > Access Keys. Click Create Access Key.

  3. An access key will be generated, comprising an organization ID, a client ID, and a client secret. All these fields are essential for the next step of this guide. Be cautious: the client secret will not be displayed again - ensure to copy and securely store it immediately.

3. Connect to the Rely Platform

Now that you have generated the necessary information, you can proceed to connect your Nobl9 account with Rely.

Open the Rely platform and start by navigating to the data-sources page. Click the "Add Data Source" button and select "Nobl9". This will prompt a modal requesting the required information for a successfully integration.

  • Collector Name: Enter a name for the collector.

  • Organization ID: Paste the Organization Identifier generated in the previous step.

  • Client ID: Paste the client ID generated in the previous step.

  • Client Secret: Paste the client Secret generated in the previous step.

After you submit your form, you will be able to use the "slo" data-type to start import and visualize your Nobl9 SLOs within Rely's Software Catalog.

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