Gitlab is an all-in-one CI/CD and source code management platform that streamlines software development. Benefit from GitLab's vast repository data within for a comprehensive view of your software life-cycle.

Installation Guide

Integrate Gitlab with your platform to centralize your code repositories, merge requests, and much more. By integrating Gitlab, you can better manage your services, streamline your DevOps processes, and ensure that your teams are always on the same page.

Required Permissions for GitLab App

To ensure a seamless integration, make sure your Gitlab app has the following permissions:

  • Read API: Enables to make API calls to Gitlab for various activities like fetching repositories, branches, and merge requests.

  • Read Repository: Allows to pull repository metadata.

  • Read User: Allows to pull information around your group, group-members and their relations with repositories.

Steps to Integrate GitLab with

Step 1: Configure Gitlab App Permissions

Firstly, go to the settings section of your Gitlab account and ensure that the required permissions are configured as mentioned above.

Step 2: Generate Gitlab Personal Access Token

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Access Tokens within your Gitlab account.

  2. Click on Create personal access token.

  3. Check the required scopes (read_api, read_repository) for the token.

  4. Name your token for easier future reference, such as " GitLab Integration".

  5. Click on Create token.

Once the token is created, make sure to copy and store it securely; you'll need it for the next steps.

Step 3: Connect GitLab to

  1. Open and go to the Data Sources page.

  2. Click the Add Data Source button and select Gitlab from the dropdown.

  3. A prompt will appear, asking for details to establish the integration.

    • Collector Name: Provide a name for the GitLab data collector.

    • Personal Access Token: Paste the GitLab token generated in Step 2.

Click Create to complete the integration.

After you submit your form, an entity discovery run will be kickstarted that can take a few minutes. By the end of this discovery run:

  • New blueprints will be added to your data model

  • Entities will be queries from the data-source and added to your software catalog

  • These entities will be periodically updated to ensure they remain in sync with their external counter-parts