GitHub is a renowned platform for hosting and versioning code, facilitating collaboration among developers. Leverage the power of GitHub's vast repository data within for a comprehensive view of your software life-cycle.

Installation Guide

Steps to Integrate GitHub with

  1. Open the Rely platform and start by navigating to the data-sources page.

  2. Click the "Add Data Source" button and select "Github".

  3. You'll be redirected to GitHub App's integration form, login to your GitHub account.

  4. Submit the form by providing the necessary permissions

  5. You'll be redirected back to the Rely platform

  6. Give an expressive name to your integration by filling in the β€œCollector Name” field

  7. Click Create to finalize the integration.

You should now see your GitHub plugin under the Active section of the Data Sources page.

After you submit your form, an entity discovery run will be kickstarted that can take a few minutes. By the end of this discovery run:

  • New blueprints will be added to your data model

  • Entities will be queries from the data-source and added to your software catalog

  • These entities will be periodically updated to ensure they remain in sync with their external counter-parts