Rely Migration Plugin for Backstage

Welcome to the rely-migration-plugin for Backstage by This plugin seamlessly integrates with Backstage to export essential data to the Identity Data Provider (IDP). It offers two modes of operation: a one-time data export via a dedicated endpoint, and an automated, scheduled data export using a cron job.

Feel free to reference the NPM package page for more detailed information.


  • One-time Export: Easily migrate your data to with a single API call.

  • Scheduled Export: Set up a cron job to regularly export data, ensuring continuous synchronization with


To get started with the Rely Migration Plugin, follow these installation steps:

  1. Install the Plugin:

    cd packages/backend && yarn add @rely/backstage-plugin-rely-migration-plugin-backend
  2. Create the Plugin File: In your Backstage backend, create a new file at packages/backend/src/plugins/rely.ts with the following content:

    import { PluginEnvironment } from '../types';
    import { createRouter } from '@rely/backstage-plugin-rely-migration-plugin-backend';
    import { parseConfigs } from '@rely/backstage-plugin-rely-migration-plugin-backend';
    export default async function createPlugin(env: PluginEnvironment) {
      const routerOptions = await parseConfigs(env);
      return await createRouter(routerOptions);
  3. Update the Backend Index: Modify packages/backend/src/index.ts to include the Rely plugin:

    import rely from './plugins/rely';
    const relyEnv = useHotMemoize(module, () => createEnv('rely'));
    apiRouter.use('/rely', await rely(relyEnv));
  4. Configure Proxy and Rely in app-config.yaml: Add the following configuration to your app-config.yaml:

          Authorization: Bearer <WEBHOOK_API_TOKEN_ON>
      # Enable/disable gzip
        enabled: true
        schedule: '0 * * * *'
      # Define entity filters for data export
      entityFilters: []
        # Example filters:
        # - kind: ['API', 'Component']
        # - 'a'
        #   metadata.namespace: 'b'

How to Use

  • One-time Export: Trigger the endpoint <backstage-hostname>/api/rely/migrate to start a one-time export.

  • Scheduled Export: If the cron job is enabled in the configuration, the plugin will automatically export data at specified intervals.

Configuration Details

  • cron.enabled: Enable or disable the cron job for scheduled exports.

  • cron.schedule: Define the cron schedule for automated data exports.

  • entityFilters: Specify filters for the entities to be exported. For more details on structuring these filters, refer to the Backstage EntityFilterQuery documentation.

Development and Local Testing

  • Running in the Backstage App: Start the Backstage app (yarn start at the root) and navigate to /rely-migration-plugin.

  • Isolated Plugin Development: Run yarn start in the plugin directory for faster iteration, startup, and hot reloads. This setup is intended for local development only.

Thank you for choosing for your identity management solutions. We are committed to providing seamless integration and top-notch support for Backstage users. For any issues or contributions, please feel free to open an issue or pull request in our repository.