Integrating Azure with enhances your ability to monitor and manage Azure resources through a centralized platform. By connecting Azure to, you can automate the collection of telemetry data from your Azure environment, enabling efficient resource management, security compliance, and operational health insights.

Installation Guide

To set up the Azure integration with, you have the option to follow the steps using the Azure Portal UI or the Azure Command Line Interface (CLI). These steps assume you have the necessary permissions to create and manage service accounts and subscriptions within your Azure environment.

Option 1: Using Azure CLI

Option 2

1. Create an Azure Service Principal

A Service Principal in Azure is a security identity used by applications, services, and automation tools to access specific Azure resources. Follow these steps to create a Service Principal:

  • Log in to Azure Portal: Access your Azure account by logging into the Azure Portal.

  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory: Go to the Azure Active Directory (AAD) service from the navigation pane.

  • App Registrations: Select "App Registrations" and click on the "New registration" button.

  • Register an Application: Enter the name for your application/service (e.g. "Rely Integration App").

    • Leave the "Supported account types" to the default setting and the "Redirect URI" section empty.

    • Click "Register".

  • Capture Application (Client) ID and Directory (Tenant) ID: Once registered, note down the "Application (Client) ID" and "Directory (Tenant) ID "from the application overview page.

  • Create a Client Secret: Under the same application, navigate to "Certificates & secrets" and click on "New client secret".

    • Provide the secret with a name (e.g. " Integration Password"), set an expiration period, and then save it.

    • Ensure to copy the secret value as it won't be displayed again.

2. Grant Azure Service Principal Access to Your Subscription

  • Navigate to Subscriptions: In the Azure Portal, go to "Subscriptions" and select the subscription you intend to monitor.

  • Capture Subscription ID: Take note of the Application (Client) ID from the subscription overview page.

  • Access Control (IAM): Go to the "Access control (IAM)" section and click on "Add role assignment".

  • Assign a Role: Choose the "Reader" role and continue to the next step .

    • Search for the Service Principal you created and assign it the role (e.g. "Rely Integration App")

Connect to the Rely Platform

With the Service Principal set up and granted access to your Azure subscription, you can now connect your Azure account with Rely.

  • Open the Rely Platform: Navigate to the data-sources page within the platform.

  • Add Data Source: Click on the "Add Data Source" button and select "Azure".

  • Configuration Modal: A modal will appear requesting information necessary for integrating Azure with your account.

Fill in the required fields:

  • Collector Name: Enter a descriptive name for your Azure collector.

  • App ID: Paste the Application (Client) ID of the Service Principal.

  • Tenant ID: Paste the Directory (Tenant) ID associated with the Service Principal.

  • Password: Enter the Client Secret created for the Service Principal.

  • Subscription ID: Enter the ID of the Azure subscription you want to monitor.

Click "Create" to finalize the integration process.

After submitting the form, will begin an entity discovery run, which may take a few minutes. Upon completion:

  • New blueprints will be incorporated into your data model.

  • Entities will be fetched from the data source and added to your software catalog.

  • These entities will be periodically updated to ensure they remain aligned with their Azure counterparts.


You have successfully set up the Azure integration for's platform. This integration empowers you with comprehensive insights and management capabilities for your Azure resources, streamlining operations and enhancing security compliance within your cloud environment.