The Software Catalog

The Software Catalog in serves as the central hub for all entities within your organization's tech ecosystem, providing an organized overview of software assets, systems, services, and more.

When your account is created, several example entities, including a "Getting Started" service available to help you learn the platform (accessible via this link).

Entities in are composed of metadata, properties, and relations, which are crucial for mapping and managing your tech ecosystem.


Each property within an entity is of a certain data type which defines the type of data it can hold. Data types span from simple things like strings, URLs, and dates to more complex things like Markdown, JSON or time-series.

You can learn more about available data-types is our official docs.

How to update a property value:

  • Navigate to the "Overview" tab of this entity.

    • Open it in a different browser tab in order to keep this guide open.

  • You'll find the "Code Language" field for this service is set to “Python”.

  • By hovering over that property, the edit icon will become available. Go ahead and click it.

  • Pick a different programming language.

  • You have just configured your first property value!


Beyond standalone properties, entities in are interconnected, mimicking the real-world intricacies of your tech landscape. Relations link entities highlighting dependencies and operational structure. Editing relation is pretty similar to editing relations, with the difference that, the values that you’re able to pick from are bounded by the existing entities in your software catalog.

How to edit relations and navigate between entities:

  • You’ll the “Team” field of this entity is empty, go ahead and edit it.

  • Select the available team from the drop-down menu.

  • You’ve just linked two entities together.

    • You can click the value that you just set to navigate to your “Team” entity.

There are two ways for you to keep track of all the relations an entity is involved in.

  • Down bellow the "Overview” tab, there’s a section called Related Entities which groups all related entities by their type.

  • The ”Dependencies” tab displays similar information via a graphical interface.

Each unique entity type (or blueprint) has its catalog, composed of a list of entities of that type. You can access these catalogs through the side panel in the “Software Catalog” section. Customize your sidebar by pinning or hiding entity types according to your preference.

Click “Services” to access your service catalog. In this view, you can scroll sideways to explore the metadata, properties, and relations fields available for your services. Customize your view by hiding certain columns, changing their order, grouping by a specific field, or sorting by a particular field, and then save your customized view for future reference. Clicking on a specific row allows you to access a particular service's entity page for further insight.

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