To start exporting monitoring data into chose the data source integration that is generating the metrics closer to the performance areas you are trying to measure. To help you with this choice, think of which metrics better translate the reliability of your application and that will allow you to create the most accurate and actionable service-level indicators (SLIs).
To integrate a new data source with your account, access the Data Sources page through the platform’s side menu. Here you can see which data sources are available for you to integrate with, as well as any upcoming data sources planned in our roadmap.
Keep in mind that after finishing the integration process, your metrics can take a few minutes to become available for use, depending on the number of metrics your data source is collecting and on the integration type itself. You will receive an email informing you of when your data source is available for use.

Data retention and security

An important aspect to consider and understand is how stores and manages the data we collect from your data source integrations. You can find more informantion about this in the Data management policy page of these documentation.