New Relic

An integration guide for New Relic.
To integrate your account with New Relic, click the Add button in the New Relic data source displayed in the Available menu.
This will prompt a modal to appear asking you for the information necessary to successfully integrate New Relic with your account.
New Relic integration modal
Start by giving an expressive name to your data source instance by filling in the “Collector Name” field. This is an unique name that will allow you to distinguish between multiple data source instances.
Next, provide the Account ID of the New Relic account you want to retrieve your metrics from. There are multiple ways to find your New Relic account ID:
  • If your organization has multiple accounts: from, use the account selector dropdown near the top of the page to switch between accounts and see their IDs.
  • If you're on the New Relic One user model: click the account dropdown, and then go to: Administration > Access management > Accounts to see account IDs.
  • If you're on the Original user model: click the account dropdown, click Account settings, and then click API keys. The account ID is displayed there.
The next step of the integration process is to provide access to your monitoring data. To do this, you must provide a New Relic user key which is tied to both a specific New Relic user and a specific account. Access the API keys page by selecting Account settings from the account dropdown menu, and then clicking API keys.
New Relic API Keys page
There is a chance you already have a user key if you've followed New Relic's guided install procedures. If not, click Create a key to create a new user key and then copy and paste the key into the API key field in the integration modal.
In case you have a New Relic EU region account you must check the EU Data Center box at the bottom of the integration modal.
Click Create to finish the integration process. You should now be able to see your New Relic data collector instance under the Active section of the Data Sources page. Wait a few minutes for the integration process to complete.
When the integration process is finished a green "Active" label will be displayed on the top left corner of your data source instance. When you see this label, it means your metrics are available and ready to be used.