Reliability Breakdown

After understanding which areas of your application are being currently impacted and which ones have been underperforming and might require some attention in the near future, the dashboard presents you with a full reliability breakdown of your application. This breakdown is displayed through a large sunburst chart. This chart's layout is exactly the same as the one specified for the Current Impact chart with the difference that this chart is fixed, meaning all SLOs you have configured will show up here irregardless of their state.
This chart also adds a final outter circle displaying the compliance status of each SLO through color coding. This circle has as many elements as there are SLOs. Each element can be one of three colors: red, yellow and green. Each color tells you if the SLO is Non-Compliant, In Danger or Compliant, respectively. The elements on this chart are fixed since the chart contains all SLOs that you have configured within your organisation.
In case there is a very high number of SLOs, some of them will be represented by very thin slices in the chart due to the lack of available space. SLOs with the highest impact are prioritised for display so that they are highlighted to you. In case only a few, or no SLOs are being impacted, their display is prioritised according their remaining error budget level, from worst to best.
Summary of reliability breakdown sunburst chart layout (moving outwards from the circle's center):
  • Level 1 (inner most circle): dimensions
  • Level 2: dimension instances
  • Level 3: SLO category
  • Level 4: SLOs
  • Level 5: SLO's remaining error budget state
Reliability Breakdown chart