Invite new members

Learn how to invite new members to your organisation.
To scale the adoption of SRE at your organization, you can invite new members to your account so that they can also start creating, managing and including SLOs in their decision making processes and ceremonies. Inviting new members into your organization helps bridge the gap between all functions of your company and provides a single source of truth regarding application performance that members of all levels can take advantage of.
To invite a new team member into your organization, access the Users & Teams page through the platform's side menu and click New > User. A modal will appear asking you to specify a name and email address for the user you wish to invite. Optionally, you can also assign the new member to one, or more already existing teams.
Invite team member modal
After a user is invited, a Pending Confirmation label will be displayed under the user's name in the Users list until the user accepts the invite and finishes the sign-up process.
Currently, all new users are assigned the Admin role. We are working on a role-based access control mechanism to allow for more fine-grained control over user permissions.